Photo Gallery of  Friends and Celebrities and me!
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The Detroit Michigan Greek Festival brought Lou and
Constantine ( Maroulis) together . Constantine mimics the
tongue action that delighted American Idol fans.
You must catch the Edwards
Twins when they are in your
area. Fantastic impersonators/
.
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Lou and Barbra's sis, Roslyn  
Kind at the
Her Name is
Auction VIP preview
Lou and the now deceased
Anna Nicole Smith at Palm
Springs Atlas Nightclub  
Pamela Jean Miller, secretary of The
Streisand Legacy Collectors and  
Barbra's long time manager, Marty
Erlichman share a few moments at the
Her Name is Barbra Auction at the  
West Hollywood Pacific Design Center
Lou and Queer Eyes Carson at
the HBO Post Awards Party
Lou and Micheal Buble in Toronto at a TV taping. Lou claimed originally to be
Michael's oldest which Buble remarked " No're second
Grandpa is first!"
Lou and Jane Withers ( for you
youngsters....remember Josephine the
plumber ads) at Streisand's  Phoenix
show. Jane was a doll...sat right next to
Eddie as Barbra   Eddie is on the right in the picture
to the left. He does Cher and Bette....equally
amazingly. And he sounds and sings exactly like
each one. WHAT TALENT!!!!
Lou and Phylis Diller. Pretty sharp
looking for 90, Actually...for any age!
She is a hoot!
Lou and Lorna Luft.( Judy Garland and
Sid Luft's daughter ) You must see her
"Songs My Mother Taught Me Show!
These hats on the left that Barbra
wore throughout her career are stars
in and of themselves.
Discuss among yourselves. Go figure!
Bill Harris, entertainment reporter, has spent at least 25
years interviewing stars ( yes, even Barbra) and telling
Hollywood stories on Showtime and Entertainment Tonight
and E!.We had a wonderful time during his November 2007
visit to the Barbra Shop.
Lou produced the Simply Barbra show in Palm Springs starring Steven
Brinberg. . The event was part of the Barbrapalooza Weekend in 2005.
Lou receives an Oscar for the performance.( Sure)
Above: Lou in his Barbra Office in West Bloomfield , Michigan .
Below: Lou as Santa in Ohio in December of 2007
Above: A  very young Lou at a party with
Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis of the Fifth
Dimension in 1978.

Left: Lou's Son-in-law and bass player,
John Burns, a Bo Bice look-alike,
performing in Michigan with Class Three

Below: Acclaimed award winning Missouri
Artist Paul E, who painted the Barbra
theatre seats and the trunk commissioned
by Lou in 1994
Lou Papalas, President and Devin Bliss, Vice President---The Streisand Legacy
Collection . If you own a Streisand gown or significant and rare piece of Streisand
memorabilia, you are encouraged to register as a Streisand Legacy Collector.
There is no cost or any obligations to register . We are merely trying to document
where significant personal or career pieces are. Go to the Contact Us link
Note from left to right The Scassi gown Barbra wore to the Funny Girl film
premiere, the People gown ( I want to know who owns it), the Hello Dolly
nightgown and the My Name is Barbra gown owned by Lou Papalas
The 2-1-2008 photo at the left was
taken backstage in Roz's dressing
room at the L.A. Catalina Jazz Club
premire show. Pictured with Lou and
Roz is David Salyer ( far left) , a
charter Streisand Legacy Collector
Association Member.