The Streisand Legacy Collectors Association
The Hollywood Museum Exhibit  

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Streisand: The Legacy Collection

Streisand...The Legacy Collection, which ran from December 2005 through January 2007 at Los Angeles'
Hollywood Museum, was assembled, produced, and curated by Lou Papalas, president of louis

This unique exhibit would not have been as successful had it  not been for the generous Legacy Collection

I would like to thank the following Barbra Streisand Legacy Collector charter members who share my
passion to preserve the work, history and  the "legacy" of Ms. Streisand, while assisting charitable and
non-profit organizations in successfully obtaining incremental funding through receipts/admission from

Thank you to :
Devin Bliss
Deborah Burke
Joan Haag
Mary Haag
Jeffrey Laymon
Matthew McCaffery
Pamela Jean Miller
Charles Moniz
David Salyer
Donald Softness
Starwares Collectibles

I want to convey  my very special thank you to Ms. Pam Miller  for her consistent support, friendship and
hours of dedicated ,and tedious work. Thanks are a sweetheart and a wonderful friend!

My special "Thank You"  is also extended to Walter McBride, Director of  Operatons/Account Executive for
Retna Ltd.,24 West 25th Street ,12th Floor, New York, N.Y. 10010, Tele: (212) 255-0622, Cell: (646)
236-7150, Fax: (212) 255-1224, Walter shot most of the exhibit  photographs used on
this site

Also thanks are extended again to Pam Miller and Julien Entertainment  for many of the other photographs
NOTE TO FUNDRAISERS: Organizations wishing to obtain all or part of this exhibit to raise funds for their
respective organizations should contact Lou Papalas.
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NOTE TO COLLECTORS: If you too have special and unique Barbra Streisand memorabilia, furniture
and/or garments,and would like to join the Legacy Collectors Association, please contact me
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A view of the second floor 1200 piece Streisand exhibit
Barbra sings through the decades
Lou Papalas greeted guest to the
Hollywood Museum
The TV special case...Judy Garland
Show sailor tops.
The Movie costume display  (l) and the
concert exhibit (r)
The Funny Girl exhibit, featuring a Streisand
pregnant singing  bride doll.
The iconic and legendary "My Name is Barbra" gown remains at the Museum on semi permanent display!
Barbra commented that more people saw her in that 1965 Emmy winning special than would have seen her
had she have played on Broadway in Funny Girl  every night for 58 years.
Barbra memorabilia formerly
on display at the "Memories"
Gift Shop"  at the Hollywood
Museum, are now able to be
viewed through a Palm Desert
Warehouse tour. Any
duplicate items from the
55,000 pieces in storage are
available for sale.
Items are also displayed on a
rotating basis at the Palm
Springs' Barbra Shop.
The Memories Gift Shop at the
Hollywood Museum...items now
available at the Barbra Shop