Lou Papalas, President, C.A.S.A. de louis is  reputed to have amassed the
largest collection of Barbra Streisand memorabilia worldwide. The 44 year
collection is now being shared with fans world-wide.

Upon Papalas'  retirement from Ford Motor Company after a 36 year
career, he vowed to  fully exploit his creative talents as well as to share his
nearly lifelong collection of Barbra Streisand memorabilia and collectibles.

C.A.S.A. (creativity and self actualization) de louis, Inc is the corporation he
established to enable future creative endeavors
After a 2002 incorporation, the business activity was  kicked off  with an
exhibit at the Caucus Club in Detroit Michigan. The exhibit , entitled "From
Time to Timeless...a tribute to a legend"  which was to be only one month
in duration,  climaxed in an actual April 24th birthday celebration. The event
and exhibit was so popular with locals, fans, tourists and the media , that it
remained for nearly a half year.

In 2004 C.A.S.A pursued two endeavors simultaneously. The Barbra Shop
in Palm Springs was born from C.A.S.A.'s informal  merger with the owner
of the Barber Shop in the trendy Arenas Road section of Palm Springs.

Papalas  negotiated with Peter Saenz , owner of the Palm Springs
Barber Shop to "rent" the wall space, by refurbishing and redecorating the
shop. In exchange he was given creative freedoms and sole use of the
shop after hours...thus the Barbra Shop was born!

The successful joint venture, where indeed , the mirrors have two faces
remains a Palm Springs tourists favorite and a true find for Streisand
aficionados. In 2006, the
Barbra Shop moved to its new location on North
Palm Canyon in Palm Springs. Lou teamed up with the Silver Scissors
Salon owner , Robert Ahue, to recreate the magic of the original location
Click here to obtain information on Barbra Warehouse tours, Barbra Shop
Gallery Hours or renting the shop for special occasions.    

Through a series of coincidences, Lou Papalas ended up working with  
Darren Julien of Julien Entertainment, now Julien's, in preparation for
Barbra Streisand's 2004 "Her Name is Barbra" auction. Lou also hosted
an exhibit of some of Barbra's more historic career gowns at a two week
exhibit at Takashimaya in NYC.

This fall, October 2007, C.A.S.A de louis intends to take a large portion of
the business on line at this site!  C.A.S.A. will expand it's offerings to
include any duplicate itemscontained within the inventory of over 50,000
items.Many of the items to be offered are exceptionally rare.

Aside from the Streisand related activities, Lou has written a musical
based on the music and lives of Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil which he
hopes someday to see on stage. He is presently auditioning  for TV, and
has invested in his daughter , Mara's singing career. Her latest Cd,
Soulshine is available on line.

Papalas, a music lover, also is proud of his son in law's new CD . His
son-in law, John Burns has just released a new CD with the Class Three
Overbite group. Class Three Overbite has opened for several major
headliners touring Detroit. John, who plays base and is a background
vocalist,  also has a prior release with Super TC. Super TC was ranked
one of the five top bands at the Detroit Metro Music Awards program. Both
Cd's are available for online purchase
here or on CD Baby.

Lou also is planning to write a book, publish poetry  and pursue his love of
working with real estate.Lou  wants to assist his wife, in marketing her
children's' game , and publishing her children's books. He is also working
with  song and dance man extraordinaire, Ken Prescott, vocalist /
impersonator Rebecca Clark and Icons producer Dan Gore in bringing
their art and talents to life on the stage.

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About C.A.S.A. de louis, Inc
Lou vacationing in Greece 2006
Her Name is Barbra Auction Catalogue-
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The TV Special and early career exhibit
@ The Hollywood Museum
Lou with Barbra's famous career
gowns at Takashimaya in NYC
Lou's son-in law , John Burns , of Classic
Three Overbite. Listen to or buy their Cd by
clicking here.  
See Mara's web page ..Click
Why did I retire, you ask?