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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Real 'Dirty'

These days it seems like they'll make anything into a reality show.
For example...WE: Women's Entertainment and Lionsgate TV have teamed up to produce eight episodes of Dirty Dancing: Living the Dream, based on the 1987 film, says Variety.
This dance contest will be hosted by Paul Judd, and will team up inexperienced female dancers with professional male dancers.
After whittling the original 30 women down to just one, the winner gets a featured role in the theatrical production of Dirty Dancing, the musical.
The WE program is set to debut in December.
One, two, Cha-Cha-Cha...

Super ‘X’ Bike

I just love going to the movies in Hollywood. Especially at the ultra glamorous Grauman's Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard. Case in point, this past weekend, yours truly went to see the summer's newest blockbuster X-Men 3: The Last Stand at said movie palace. Not only did I LOVE seeing this fantastic film in this beautifully restored historic theater, but as a special treat the suped up Harley that Cyclops (played by James Marsden) rode in the film was on display in the world-famous footprint laden forecourt for all to see! The sexy and extremely stylish "X" branded V-Rod, with its powerful 115bhp Revolution V-twin engine, was not only cool as shit, but it definately made my head turn as I passed it going into the theater. So if you're an X-Man fan, a Harley lover or both you HAVE to stop by the Chinese and check it out. Hopefully, it'll still be there.

Behind The Scenes "Eating Out 2"

As most of you already know…some good friends of mine (like Jim Verraros in the photo to the left) have been working on the new film Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds, in LA, for the past few weeks.
Anyway…here are a couple of fun shots, I got my hands on, from the shoot that I thought you'd like to see. Enjoy!
Emily Brooke Hands is back as Gwen.
My friend Brett Chukerman plays Marc.
Jessie Gold is Violet.
Marco Dapper, plays Troy, the new guy in town. Talk about hot!
Rebekah Kochan returns as Tiffani. She's such a sweetheart.
My buddy James Bobby plays Allan.
Adrian Quinonez plays the smoldering hot Octavio.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Classic TV Theme Song

Here's a fun little TV ditty I'm sure most of you will remember.

"You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have....The Facts of Life."

You remember this show, right? Of course you do! It was that (not-so-funny) sitcom about four dykes-in-training...a-hem...I mean sweet and innocent school girls (Blair, Joe, Tootie and Natalie) living and working in a cozy dorm with their middle-aged, meddling, warden...I mean...kind caretaker Mrs. Garrett, at an elite all-girl boarding school, in upstate New York.

Doesn't ring a bell? Oh well...I'm sure the moment you hear the catchy theme song it'll all come back to you. Just click HERE and feel free to sing along.

Believe me...even if you don't want to, you'll find it's pretty hard not to.

Monday, May 22, 2006

'Sopranos' star infiltrates “Pink Mafia” Hangout

Actor Joseph R. Gannascoli, who plays the recently-outed “Vito” on HBO’s The Sopranos, is really having a gay old time with his character's newly realized sexuality.
As part of Gannascoli’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he visited gay hotspot The Abbey in West Hollywood to do some in-depth research. Here's a shot of him, on the right, interviewing Abbey owner David Cooley.
While there, he discovered that The Abbey is a favorite hangout for real-life members of the “Pink Mafia,” an affectionate term used to describe Hollywood's A-list gay power brokers.
I wonder what the gang at the Bada Bing! would think of that. Wink, wink.
PHOTO CREDIT: Christopher Kingry/Lobeline Communications

D-Formation To Spin Memorial Day Weekend

Wondering what fab parties are going on in LA this Memorial Day weekend?'s something special I thought you might enjoy.
It's called Lattitude and it features the much anticipated (and long awaited) Los Angeles debut of D-Formation (Beatfreak Recordings, Madrid) at The Factory nightclub!
Resident sensation DJ De Leon will start the evening, prepping the crowd on the dancefloor for the tribal wizardry of D-Formation and DJ Eddie X.
In the back room, there will be a rare performance by the legendary DJ Disciple along with Avalon Hollywood favorites David Tort and DJ Ruff, with an opening set by Finbarr Massi.
Needless to's bound to be an incredible night. See you on the dancefloor!
For more information click here.

A Message From Ben Patrick Johnson

"When there are hot Hollywood parties I can't make, and good gossip to be spread, I know I can count on Mr. Nightlife to take me there and dish the latest. I keep the site on my browser's favorites bar, where it's always just a click away. Now THAT'S entertainment!" - Ben Patrick Johnson

Thanks for that Ben! You're the best!
In case - you don't know who this EXTREMELY talented (and hot as hell if you ask me) man is here's a short bio on him for you to get more acquainted with him.
Ben Patrick Johnson is one of the top voice-over actors in Hollywood. He is heard hundreds of times a day on movie trailers, TV and radio spots worldwide.
His first novel, In and Out in Hollywood, based on his first years in the television business, was published October 2002 by Palari Press. The follow-up, Third and Heaven, is available now in bookstores everywhere from Alyson Books.
Johnson is an avid supporter of The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission and several live theater companies. He is a fan of professional bodybuilding and WTA and ATP tennis.
As a Hollywood personality, writer and fitness model, Johnson's image has appeared on calendars and magazine covers. He has been profiled by CBS News and Fox.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Aquaman Sunk?

Have you seen the preview for the new Aquaman show yet? No?
That's probably because, the other day, the new CW Network pulled it from their official website. Even though it looks pretty damn good, the series (also known as Mercy Reef) was not included in their fall lineup for next year.
Does that mean that this highly-anticipated Smallville spin-off has temporarily been put in dry dock or has it permanently been lost at sea? We'll just have to hold our breath (yeah, right) and see.

Ride 'Em Cowboy

Calling all 'Brokeback' fans!

Guess what? There's another "cowboy does cowboy" flick coming your way.

That's's called Cowboy Junction and it'll be playing at Laemmle's SUNSET 5 tonight (19th) and Saturday (20th) night at midnight!

How do I know this? Well, I was personally invited to see one of the screenings by the hunky star of the film - James Michael Bobby - himself! We met, this past week, while we were rehearsing for the indie film Eating Out 2.

Not only is he extremely sweet and talented (he had me in stitches during rehearsals), but he's one sexy stud - as you can see in the photo on the left - that could seduce the pants right off you! I wish. LOL

So if you couldn't get enough of Heath and Jake and their cowboy love...then check out my buddy James in this sexy new tale of love on the range ! Yee-haw!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Going Bananas!

Remember that rather cheesy, British, girl group Bananarama from the 1980's? Yes, the same ones that sang the song Venus.
We'll, it seems that they have a new album out(huh?) and they'll be making a special appearance, this Saturday (5/20), in WeHo to promote it!
That's right....this Saturday, get your asses down to Micky's for "Bananarama Drama" and meet the girls during the official CD signing party of their NEW album "Drama."
Perfect Beat Records will be on hand, selling the new CD. And DJ Paulo Ramirez will be spinning all of the best of Bananarama (wasn't Venus their only hit?) plus all the house and tribal tracks a homo could hope for from 9pm until afterhours.
Have fun!

Avenue D Assaulted At Key Club

My buddy Damon, from Naked City, just sent me an alarming e-mail that he received about the girl group Avenue D being assaulted, last night, at The Key Club!
So I'm reposting it here just in case anyone who was there and knows what happened, can help these girls out.
"Last night at the Key Club Debbie and Daphnie of Ave. D were assaulted by the bouncers and the venue has not taken any responsibility.
I have spent all morning at the West Hollywood police station trying to figure out what exactly happened and to get these ladies released. The girls and I would like your help.
If any of you were witness to the events last night or have any information you can pass along, please contact me HERE or at the girls e-mails - or
This is unacceptable and I refuse to let The Key Club get away with this. These girls did a service and entertained a large crowd last night and they do not deserve this behavior.

'Five Minutes' At The Whiskey A Go-Go

I love having friends in the music industry.

Why? Well...they always invite me to go to some out-of-the-way dive bar or abandoned warehouse to check out some new singer or band.

Case in point...I just received an e-mail from my buddy Michael Shane Stephens - who manages a new rock boy-band called Five Minutes To Freedom - and guess what...(insert drumroll here) it's an invite to hear them play at some Hollywood bar. Surprise, surprise.

Here's what it said...

Hey Tony!

The band I manage, FIVE MINUTES TO FREEDOM, from Northern California is playing a show this Friday, May 19th @ the Whisky a Go-Go.

They go on at 9pm sharp - for a 30 min set. You can listen to their music here. Hope you can make! --- Regards,


Believe it or not...they actually sound pretty good. So I think I'll stop by and check them out.

So take a listen for yourself and'll do the same.

See you there!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Back To The Beach

The Abbey/West Hollywood hosted an AFTERNOON BEACH PARTY on Sunday, May 14th to launch its series of Sunday Tea Afternoons. The Abbey was transformed into the ultimate beach house for an afternoon of fun in the sun. WeHo boys and girls came decked out in their board shorts and shades and enjoyed drinks featuring Margaritaville Tequila, along with ice-cold Corona Beer. DJ Chi Chi LaRue was on hand to pump out the best beats on the beach. Enjoy the pics!

Jeffrey Sanker and Roman Heart strike a pose.

Beach party bartenders.

DJ Chi Chi LaRue says "Hello."

Photo Credit: Phil Lobel/Lobeline Communications

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Perfect Gift For Him

Wondering what to get that special man in your life for your upcoming anniversary or his birthday?'s a handy new item that'll make both of you EXTREMELY happy. What is it? Well it's the new Viagra Ring of course!
That's right....this sexy piece of bling will not only make him look fashionable, but it'll also help him remember where his special little blue pill is when you need some attention. Wink, wink.

As Olympia Dukakis' character, aptly exclaimed, in the hit film Steel Magnolias - "The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize."

Well...with this accessory you'll be able to get as animalistic as you like. Enjoy!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Catwoman Deux?

Holy catnip kids! Get ready for this!
The folks over at IGN:FilmForce report that Oscar winning actress, Halle Berry would consider doing a sequel to her CATastrophic box office flop - Catwoman! YIKES!

"If they seriously said, 'We want to do another one and here's how we're going to make it better because we learned from the mistakes,' I would because I believe we could make it better," Berry revealed during a roundtable interview Friday in New York.

"I think Catwoman is a great character that maybe wasn't presented in the right way," she said, adding, "But when people see it on video they seem to like it. They're like, 'It wasn't as bad as they all said!'"

Halle darling...those "people" were just being nice to you. It was bad, girl. Trust one wants to see you take on that pussy a second time! Except, for maybe Rosie O'Donnell. MEOW!

The Capitol Records Building Not A Landmark?

Recognize the building on the left? Of course you's the Capitol Records building in Hollywood. seems that the Los Angeles Conservancy Modern Committee is trying to designate it as a historic landmark (you mean to tell it's not already?) and they need your help.

Here's an except from a letter I received from them today...

It seems as if there is strong support at the city level for this nomination. One would only hope so! Well, nonetheless, it is still necessary to have as much support as possible for the nomination. I would like to ask each one of you to please show your support (by writing a letter to the The Cultural Heritage Commission). One can never know if EMI/ Capitol Inc. may be resistant to such landmarking, and they could make a surprise and aggressive showing at the upcoming hearing if they wanted.

Could you imagine EMI/Capitol coming out against making that spectacular building an official landmark! Only in LA.

Anyway, here are a few fun facts about the building you might not know...

  • The backlit signage encircled across the roof of the building is one of the earliest remaining uses of backlit signage in the region, and was done at a time when many architects were resistant to any signage at all upon their buildings.
  • The first artist to record at Capitol was Frank Sinatra, who recorded the Nelson Riddle composition “Tone Poems in Color.” In the onsite studios, Sinatra would go on to record some of his most notable music at Capitol including: “The Lady is A Tramp,” “Night and Day,” “Witchcraft”, “Chicago,” “Something’s Gotta Give” (written by Johnny Mercer), “Embraceable You”, and “Nice N’ Easy.”
  • Capitol Records was founded in 1942 by nationally known singer and songwriter Johnny Mercer (“That Old Black Magic,” “Hooray for Hollywood”), Glenn Wallichs, who owned “Wallichs Music City”: the largest music store in Los Angeles, and songwriter/ Paramount Producer Buddy DeSylva (“California Here I Come”).
  • Capitol was the first major record label on the west coast.
  • During the 1960s, the Beach Boys and the Beatles were both signed to Capitol Records
  • Besides Sinatra, artists that have recorded in the on-site studios include: Bobby Darin, Lou Rawls, Natalie Cole, Linda Ronstadt, Nancy Wilson, Whitney Houston, MC Hammer, and Prince.
  • Plus....the light on the rooftop spire of the Capitol Records building flashes "H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D" in Morse code! I don't know about you...but that screams landmark to me!

So if you want to help make this a historic landmark send you letters to Jay Oren, Department of City Planning, City Hall 200 N. Spring St. Room 667 Los Angeles, CA 90012 TODAY! Or you can e-mail him by clicking here.

Let's tell those City Hall pencil pushers to get a grip and make one of the most famous buildings in Tinseltown a friggin landmark already!

Happy 25th Frontiers!

West Hollywood was all a buzz, last week, as Frontiers Magazine held their big 25th Anniversary bash at The Abbey.
Spotted throughout the festivities were Alexander Cho (Editor of Frontiers Magazine), Reichen Burke (The Amazing Race), Daniel Garcia (H.I.M. Corp), Honey Labrador (Queer Eye for the Straight Girl) - who I took a met up with on the press line (see photo on the left), Japhy Grant (A&E Editor), Scott Schmidt (BoyFromTroy.Com) and hundreds upon hundreds of WeHo's most stylish scenestirs.

Ohhh...if you haven't heard the good news yet....yours truly is the new nightlife columnist for Frontiers Magazine! My first column will be debuting in next weeks issue, so make sure to pick up your copy at your local newsstand!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Brett's Turn To 'Eat' Out

Meet my buddy Brett Chukerman. Isn't he a hottie?

Not only was he recently featured on Tori Spelling's hilarious new VH1 show So NoTORIous, but now he's been cast, as Marc, in the Indie comedy Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds - which is now in production.

As you'll recall...that character was originally played by Desperate Housewives stud muffin Ryan Carnes. However, when it came time to do the sequel...his "people" thought it would be best for him to pass on having a second helping (so to speak). Thus leaving the sexy role open for my good pal, Brett, to step in and gobble it up.

Congrats Brett! I'm sure when the film finally graces the silver screen, we'll just want to eat you up. Wink, wink

Friday, May 12, 2006

There's Got To Be A Morning After...

I just got home from seeing the new disaster flick Poseidon and I only have one thing to say...the sequence of the ship being struck by a GIGANTIC rogue wave and flipping over is the best part of the entire film. I'm not kidding.

The rest is just one nail-biting scene after another. Kurt Russell is just annoying, Emmy Rossum whines throughout the entire thing, and Jimmy Bennett's character (the kid of the film) is SUCH a pain in the ass that I just wanted to scream out "leave him behind...the kid deserves to die!"

I was also annoyed that Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson's character (the ship's singer) was dismissed so early in the film. I would have LOVED to have seen her (and her humps) climbing through the bowels of the ship in her fabulous feathery evening gown.

The women survivors, as a whole, were so friggin unglamorous and boring that everytime one opened her mouth to say something cheesy all I could think of was how MUCH I missed Stella Stevens (and her hilarious wisecrack lines) this time 'round.

In short, the film is WAY too serious for one to really enjoy. Wolfgang, darling, sweetie...where the hell was the comic relief? There's only SO much torture one can endure. I would have enjoyed a good laugh every-so-often just to relieve some of the stress.

Lastly, not one ethnic minority character survives! Except for the (token) Jewish gay guy - played by the wonderful Richard Dreyfuss. The African-American Captain drowns, the Latino waiter falls down an elevator shaft and the Latina stowaway is knocked off shortly there after. Normally, I wouldn't have noticed something like this, but it doesn't take a genius to see that these non-white characters were never going to make it off this sinking ship.

Finally - and I promise this is it - why the hell is Gordon Thompson (the actor who played Adam Carrington on Dynasty) sitting at Richard Dreyfuss' table in the ballroom? And why didn't he have one line of dialogue? Did someone confuse him as an extra? Or was he just hanging out, on the lot, the day they were shooting that scene and the director said "Hey Gordon...why don't you sit next to Richard just for the hell of it." Someone please explain it to me.

As I said before...the best part of this film is the flip over sequence. So unless you see it on an IMAX screen - like I did - I suggest you pass on seeing this extremely depressing film and rent the original instead. It's a lot more fun and Stella's a friggin riot.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Pamela Sue...Is That You?

The highly-anticipated Wolf Petersen film "Poseidon" had it's big Hollywood premiere, last night, at Grauman's Chinese Theater.
In attendance, were the films stars Kurt Russell, Josh Lucas and Emmy Rossum, but there were also some cast members from the original film - The Poseidon Adventure - there as well including Carol Lynley, Red Buttons, Sheila Allen (who played Nurse Rowe and Adventure's producer Irwin Allen's widow) and Pamela Sue Martin - who's looking pretty damn good these days! Just take a look at that photo of her (on the left) taken last night and tell me she doesn't.
Anyway...Poseidon opens, nationwide, tomorrow. Luckily, I'm going to a pre-opening screening of it tonight. So I promise to let you know what I thought of it tomorrow before you shell out your 15 bucks to see this splashy remake. LOL

Welcome Back Joan

Good news kids! The one-and-only Joan Rivers has a new TV show in the works for Bravo!

The pilot, with the working title of Joan Rivers: Can We Dish? will be a pop culture talk show starring the botox queen herself with a trio of male sidekicks.

Think The View only with the mother of all JAP's and three queens sitting around a table saying bitchy things.

Sounds like a hit to me!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tiesto Does LA!

LA club goers are in for quite a treat as Tiesto - one of the world's most exciting DJ's - brings his one-of-a-kind concert extravaganza to Hollywood mega club - Avalon - on May 13th and 14th!
If you've never heard of must be living under a rock. Known for his explosive stage shows, which boast drummers, flying geishas and pyrotechnics this Rotterdam-based superstar DJ mixes everything from trance, house, techno and all that the dance world has to offer.
So if you're looking for some exceptional nocturnal fun, this weekend, click here and get your tickets now!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Need A Trim?

If you haven't seen Norelco's new website for its Bodygroom razor yet, you're missing out on a good laugh.

You see...the razor is designed specifically to help guys who have trouble shaving around their...ummm...carrot, walnuts, and fuzzy peach (their words, not mine) with a nomal razor. Yikes!

So click here and enjoy the clip (so to speak).

Wau Wau Huh?

Apparently there's no other act in show business like the incomparable Wau Wau Sisters. At least that's what their press release says.
It also describes them as "a pair of scantily-clad young women sing ribald songs while performing amazing circus tricks and mixing cocktails." Sounds...ahem...interesting.
So if you're as intrigued as I am...their new show The Best of Burlesque: The Wau Wau Sisters - Singing, Circus Tricks and Comedy will be playing at the historic EL Cid on May 30th.
For tickets or more information call 323-668-0318 or click here.
See ya there.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Tripping Over Reality Stars

It's amazing how many reality stars I keep running into lately.

For example, last Tuesday, I bumped into Queer Eye For The Straight Girl star Honey Labrador as I walked into Q-TV to film my very first (and unfortunately my last - due to the station letting everyone go because they were unable to meet payroll) entertainment segment. She (surprisingly) remember meeting me at East/West Lounge several months ago. Who would have thought?

Then, later that night, I smacked right into Apprentice star Omorosa as I was walking into the popular Tuesday night soiree - Beige - at The Falcon on Sunset Blvd. She was apparently 45 minutes late for a dinner date and pushed her way past the doorman and velvet ropes. Surprise, surprise.

Finally, on Saturday, it was Project Runway star Nick Verreos' turn to cross my path - while I was waiting on line for the Men's Room at Japhy Grant's (my Editor from Frontiers Magazine) birthday bash. Not only did he almost spill his drink all over my new Gucci loafers, but he and his buddies actually tried to cut in front of me on line!

As you can see...I'm practically tripping over reality stars at ever turn! It's enough to drive somebody nuts. phone's ringing...gottah go. FYI - it's just my buddy Chip, from The Amazing Race, calling to see how everything is going.

See? It never ends. Wink, wink.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Classic TV Tune

Remember the All In The Family spin-off Maude starring a much younger and pre-Golden Girls Beatrice "Bea" Arthur and Rue McClanahan - along with Bill Macy, Esther Rolle, and big titty Adrienne Barbeau?
No? Well, for those of you who's a little ditty that I think you'll enjoy hearing again.
Just click here and enjoy!
"Right on, Maude!"

Selling Barbra

Calling all Streisand fans!
Now thru May 15th thousands of rare Barbra Streisand collectibles are for sale at The Hollywood Museum (located in the historic Max Factor building) in Hollywood.
That's right! If you just can't live without owning something from Babs extraordinary career here's your chance to snatch it up and say "Hello gorgeous!"
The majority of the items include rare posters, lobby cards,records, sheet music and magazine covers! But if you've been searching for that unusual collectible curator/collector/Streisand historian Lou Papalas, will help you find it if he doesn't have it in his inventory.
To top it off there are over 1200 Streisand items, including 50 of Barbra's career famous costumes and gowns on display in the museum's new "Barbra Streisand....The Legacy Collection" exhibit.
There are also photographs, rare international movie posters and sheet music, 45RPM record sleeves, exploitative commercial items and memorabilia, fan tribute items, artistic tributes, original oil portraits, personal belongings, awards and benefit recognition , high school and middle school memorabilia as well as playbills, programs and newspaper reviews of her most early works. And there's even some furniture from her Carolwood estate media room are also on display!
To see photos from the exhibit or obtain more information on the Barbra Streisand Memories Gift Shop click here.

Friday, May 05, 2006

'Casino Royale' Teaser

Being that I'm a HUGE James Bond fan...I have to admit that I had plenty of reservations about Daniel Craig taking over the role of Agent 007 in the new Bond flick - Casino Royale.

But after seeing the newly released teaser trailer, on the films official website, I'm starting to think that Craig might just have what it takes to play the world's most famous superspy.

Take a look for yourself here and let me know what you think.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hooray For Old Hollywood!

As most of you already know, I just ADORE anything having to do with old Hollywood.
Which is why when I found out that the American Cinematheque was going to throw a huge birthday party, at the historic Egyptian Theater on Hollywood Boulevard, for Glenn Ford's 90th I just couldn't help myself and go! Boy, am I glad I did. Not only were they having a special screening of one of Mr. Ford's most famous films - the 1946 classic "Gilda" co-starring the beautiful Rita Hayworth - but many of his closest Hollywood friends and co-stars were in attendance, to pay tribute to the legendary actor, as well! Unfortunately, Mr. Ford was too ill to make an appearance. However he did send a video taped message - thanking everyone for showing up - which was played prior to the screening. So who was there? Well, there was "M*A*S*H" star - Jamie Farr (who, lucky for us, wasn't wearing a dress that evening), Academy Award winner - Martin Landau (who I got to take a photo with!), a still fabulous looking Stella Stevens (who I stood right next to in the lobby), the Honorary Mayor of Hollywood - Johnny Grant (who presented a replica of Mr. Ford's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to his son, Peter), "Dynasty" & "Star Trek" star - Peter Mark Richman, Elvis' co-star in the film "Roustabout" - Sue Ann Langdon, Mrs. Partridge herself - Shirley Jones, and the still vivacious Debbie Reynolds (who I have to say I was too THRILLED to meet) among others.
Following the screening there was a private reception, in the forecourt, with complimentary champagne, vodka martinis and of course birthday cake! It was truly a wonderful, star-studded, night! One, I know, that I'll never forget. Here are some photos from the festivities. Enjoy!
The lovely Shirley Jones with her hubby Marty Engles.
The still vivacious Debbie Reynolds!
Mr. Nightlife with Martin Landau!
From Left to Right: Martin Landau, Debbie Reynolds, Peter Ford, Shirley Jones, Johnny Grant, Hugh O'Brien and Jamie Farr with the birthday cake. Mr. Nightllife escorts Debbie Reynolds down the red carpet. Happy 90th birthday Glenn Ford!

Presidential Kiss Off?

What the hell is happening with ABC's Commander and Chief?

After making a HUGE splash when it premiered, last fall, the weekly Geena Davis driven drama - about the first woman President - has only three episodes left to air, that will now apparently run over the summer!

Filling the show's Thursday night time slot will be the Diane Sawyer/Charles Gibson newsmagazine show Primetime. Woo hoo...not so much.

So does that mean that the network is about to impeach President Mackenzie Allen (brilliantly played by Davis) and her new White House administration?

If's too bad we can't do the same with the real folks over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Their rating haven't exactly been stellar lately either. ;-0

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Disco Lives!

Think Disco is dead? Think again.
This Friday night - which happens to be Cinco de Mayo - thousands of bell-bottom wearing disco fans will be boogie oogie ooging at Disco Fever 5, taking place at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine, CA.
This fun-filled concert/event, presented by 104.3 KBIG, will celebrate the music of the 70s with performances by KC and The Sunshine Band ("Shake Your Booty"), Gloria Gaynor ("I Will Survive"), Sister Sledge ("We Are Family") featuring Kathy Sledge, and Tavares ("Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel").
So if you want to shake your groove thing, all night long, with fellow disco enthusiasts (like yours truly) just go to Ticketmaster or call 213-480-3232 and get your tickets now!
Oh ...and make sure you say hello to the guy, in the front row, wearing the white suit. That'll be you know who. Wink, wink.
See ya there.

'Summer' Island Fun

How would you like to spend your summer weekends on an island?
Well...then you're in luck because the producers of The Real World are about to cast for a new show called Summer Share on ABC to be filmed on Fire Island this summer!
So if you live in or around the NYC area and would like to spend your weekends on the beach (and have them pick up the tab) then go down to their OPEN CALL on Saturday, May 6th from 10am to 5pm at DIP - 416 3rd Ave. (between 29th and 30th) in New York City.
You must be over 21 and bring an ID. If you can’t make it, send them an email ASAP with a brief description of yourself and a recent photo.
Good luck!

MI3 - What Do You Think?

I had a terrific time, yesterday, shooting my very first segment for the QTN Entertainment News Report.

If you didn't get a chance to see it, hosts Steve Oldfield, John Carol and I talked about my going to the taping of the Will & Grace series finale and what I saw while I was there.

No, I didn't giveaway too many secrets on the air. However, if you want to read all those juicy secrets just click here.

Anyway....during the show Steve asked viewers to send in their opinion on two fun questions.

1) MI:3 - Do you care?

2) What star do you hate? (for his "Trash Talk" segment)

If you'd like to give him your two cents...just send Steve an e-mail now and hopefully he'll read it on today's show!

Then you too will be on TV...just like yours truly! Well, sort of. Wink, wink.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mr. Nightlife On TV!

Things have really been happening for me lately!
Not only have I just accepted an offer to write a new nightlife column for Frontiers Magazine, but as of TODAY I'll be doing a, live, gossip segment on Q Network's new "QTN Entertainment News" program!
Hosted by, entertainment reporter/film critic, Steve Oldfield this informative, yet fun look at the latest in entertainment news can be seen Monday through Friday on cable's Q Television Network.
Similar to the QTN WorldNews, anchored by Steve Kmetko, this show delivers the latest in queer entertainment news, directly from Hollywood.
FYI - Q Network is available on cable systems such as Time Warner, Cox Communications and RCN, among others, so make sure to check your local listings for the best time to catch my television debut!
If you don't think you have it on your system...then call up your cable company now and say "I WANT MY Q TV!" He,he,he...
See ya there!

Monday, May 01, 2006

The Bitch Is Back!

Comic Kathy Griffin is "baaaaack" on the Bravo series Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List!
The second season of unscripted one-hour episodes begins June 6 at 9p.
Among this season's antics include Kathy auctioning herself on e-Bay, attending a gay prom, baby sitting her niece and nephew and touring the Red States. He,he,he...
So kids...are you ready for a second round of fun with Kathy?
I know I am!