PBarbrapalooza Registration
This unbelievable exhibit , a a vision of, and creation by Lou Papalas, president , C.A.S.A. de
louis, inc, has become a stunning and impressive reality.

I commend and thank the  Barbra Streisand Legacy Collectors who made  this first time
initiative possible. Through their unselfish generosity , we collectively  are continuing the
legacy of Barbra's gowns  and the philanthropic initiatives she established.

We are providing opportunities for fans from around the globe to share some of the magic
from Barbra's  legendary  career, while creating a revenue stream to assist funding special not
for profit endeavors for worthy organizations.

Through our collective efforts, it is also our intent to  preserve and honor the integrity of
Barbra's numerous contributions to, and achievements in,the entertainment industry. We are
thrilled to have shared Barbra in our lifetimes!

My heartfelt thanks to the following charter Legacy Collection Associates who are donors to
this spectacular  Hollywood Museum exhibit.  Your generosity is appreciated daily by the
hundred of people visiting the exhibit and will forever be appreciated by me. God bless!

Devin Bliss
Deborah Burke
Joan Haag
Mary Haag
Jeffrey Laymon
Matthew McCaffrey
Pamela Jean Miller
Charles Moniz
David Salyer
Donald Softness
Star Wares Collectibles
Pictures from the
Barbra Streisand Legacy Collection