Services We Provide

The business at the Barbra Shop is seasonal. ..September through May
excluding Holidays.

Please feel free to contact me directly at for
specific answers to you specific inquiries.

Venues away from the Barbra Shop entertained at any time of the year.

If you are a collector, schedule a warehouse tour for only $20 for one
hour...the tour cost is credited against the cost of any purchase.
Design and   Consulting- Have the pleasure of
consulting with Lou to plan that unique Barbra
design fora room(s) in your home or your place of
business. He has all that you will need.
Streisand Exhibits
Warehouse tours--private by appointment only
Lease the Barbra Shop for special functions
Hire  Streisand impersonators extraordinaire
Buy special Barbra Art produced for  2006
Hire a Santa (Michigan Only)  Home visit or events
( G thru R rated ))
Lease or buy  a  Barbra themed Christmas Tree
Schedule a show for your club or theatre
Streisand memorabilia for sale
Christmas Collectibles
Giftware for sale
COMING SOON...You will be able
to purchase Streisand memorabilia
and collectible items
directly on
this site!